Card Park Ltd was formed, by Sean Keogh, in 2015 after finding that the solutions available to local authorities in Ireland were fraught with issues, were typically old, were often unconnected and often did not support any form of cashless payment and were cost-prohibitive.

Card Park Ltd has since then examined the industry and have built up business and dealer relationships with leading international players in the parking business to bring modern, accessible, usable and maintainable solutions to our country.


We are firm believers that a single solution will not be a perfect fit for all clients. To this end Card Park Ltd will work with you to deduce what areas are most important to you and to your public in order to provide a customised solution that efficiently facilitates your business needs.


One of the areas traditionally lacking in the Irish parking sector has been the support of modern payment methods, e.g. most pay and display units in the state accept coin payments, a portion of which also support card payments. However, a low percentage of units support EMV chip an pin cards and few still accept contactless debit cards. This is unacceptable in a state where consumers are using card and contactless payments more and more.